Speaking Engagements

Embracing uncommon opportunities

Jeff shows his audience that adversity can be reframed as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.  He offers guidance and tools to react to challenges with a tactical approach, using the forced action as a catalyst for change.

Achieving goals and success in life.

What is keeping you from achieving your goals? Are you putting too much emphasis on external factors or reliance on someone else?  Jeff helps break down what can go wrong, how to set realistic goals, and how to meet every one of them.

Relentless perseverance and when to throw in the towel

Life comes at you fast and hard.  When adversity strikes, the solution is to persevere at all costs– until it makes more sense to reframe and refocus.  Jeff will guide your organization through strategies to decide when to push hard and when to reevaluate.

Jeff tailors his message for each audience.  Please use the contact page for booking inquiries.