About me

ButlerMy name is Jeff Butler and when I was 13, I was involved in an auto accident that changed my life.

Tired from a middle school football game, I did something most young kids have done, I laid down in the back seat of our family SUV.  This was a seemingly perfect place for my 5’2″ 13 year old frame and I closed my eyes for a quick cat nap while my dad drove home.  The next thing I remember was waking up to a bright flash of light, lots of spinning, and then lots of not being able to move.

Breaking my neck set me on a new, unknown path.  I began a journey over the weeks, months, and then years to take back my life and independence.  I started on that adventure when I was 13, and am still learning new things every day.

I learned how to drive with my friends when I was 16, went away to college at 18, and got my first “adult” job when I was 22.  At 26 I started my own software company and was fortunate to be able to represent Team USA in the Rio 2016 Paralympics, bringing home a Silver medal.  Now I enjoy transforming lives– showing people what they’re capable of and how to thrive.

We all have journeys that we travel in life.  My hope is that sharing these experiences will help people along their own paths, and shed some light on quite a different lifestyle– one lived a little lower to the ground, and on four wheels.

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Ability Coaching

Jeff helps people with disabilities overcome independence challenges, find purpose in life, and thrive. Use the contact page or email jeffpbutler@gmail.com if you’re interested or would like to learn more.

Life Skills

Transitioning to an independent life with a disability is a difficult task.  Jeff leverages his 17 years of experience and empowers his clients to discover and learn new ways to tackle life skills.  Whether just starting to work through self-care challenges, or figuring out how to get back into the workforce, Jeff helps his clients hit the accelerator on their journey to independence.


Independence is hard.  There are times on every journey where it seems like it would be easier to just give up and give in.  Jeff works with his clients to develop personalized techniques to use when things get difficult.  Mental agility and maintaining a positive mindset is a skill that can be taught.

Action-oriented goals

In order to get where you want to be, you need to know where you’re going.  Jeff relied heavily on action-oriented goals to regain his own independence and become a Paralympic medalist.  What is a realistic goal? How do you set yourself up for success? Jeff helps his clients create goals and shares techniques for personal accountability.



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